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News Events on Solution to Cigarette Butt Recycling Welcome to InnovaGreen Systems Solution to Cigarette Butt Recycling
  • Blake Burich of InnovaGreen Systems was featured on 10 TV Central Ohios News Leader.

  • InnovaGreen Systems is a Semi-Finalist in 2 categories Outstanding Startup Business and Green Innovation for the 2011 Innovation awards by Tech Columbus.

  • Coverage from Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention on CTV3 with Keep Columbus Beautiful, Altria and InnovaGreen Systems.Check out the video below to see our ash containers made from recycled cigarette butts.

  • Keep Columbus Beautiful is recruiting volunteers to help with a litter study which is a follow up to the Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. Click here to sign up to help make a difference!

  • InnovaGreen Systems attended the  Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) on Tuesday October 11, 2011. Click here to view some photos from the event

  • The Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention Program was a huge success! Check out the video below, also there are pictures from the event on the InnovaGreen Systems Homepage

  • Heidi Douglas singing "Please Don't Litter" to bring awareness to the problem of litter across America. Song was co-written by Heidi Douglas and Gary Epperson.

  • Help us by "Keeping it out of the landfills"
    Please send your used filters and cigarette butts for recycling to:

    5690 Clyde Moore Dr
    Groveport, OH 43125

    InnovaGreen Systems

  • InnovaGreen Systems has launched an online store with InnovaGreen Products! Help to support the cause and spread the word. Please check out our online store at: InnovaGreen Systems Online Store

  • InnovaGreen Systems is proud to announce a partnership with Weisenbach Recycled Products and Butts Only Box.Also check out our new Partners section, will we list our current partnerships in this section. If you are interested in becoming a partner please check out our Contact page

  • InnovaGreen Systems was featured on click here to read the article

  • InnovaGreen Systems is featured in the Columbus Dispatch today! In the article founder Blake Burich discusses the upcoming KickButtColumbus! 2011 event April 9th and InnovaGreen Systems commitment to recycle cigarette butts into useful end products. Read the article here

  • InnovaGreen Systems has joined KickButtColumbus in their effort to keep Columbus Ohio beautiful. If you are interested in joining their effort please click the link below.

    InnovaGreen Systems

  • InnovaGreen Systems is now collecting cigarette butts! To participate please check out our Support Page!

  • Blake Burich of InnovaGreen Systems was featured on CNN Edge of Discovery Click here to view the Story

Who is InnovaGreen?

InnovaGreen Systems is a GREEN company made up of energetic and diverse individuals committed to providing a solution to cigarette butt litter and improving Mother Earth. This commitment has resulted in several utility patents that create waste to value products, thus eliminating this unsightly and expensive litter.

Cigarette butts are everywhere….walk down the street, across a parking lot…anywhere, and you
will see why. These butts are making their way in to our streams, rivers, and oceans causing increased costs to our
municipalities. Our State and Local Governments are spending MILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year to
combat this litter issue. It is time that someone stands up and reduces these costs.

We need to be activists in Storm Water Pollution Prevention – ALL OF US! In addition, landfills are running out of room…costs of disposal are high, especially when we live in a closed-loop system. Let’s face it, we need to turn waste to value or we will eventually have a world overrun with waste. Is that a legacy we want to leave for our children or our children’s children?

InnovaGreen Systems continues to develop partnerships and is always searching for new innovative ideas and the best available technology. Our partnership activities range from State to Local to Individual partners, like you. The “how” is a fluid and dynamic activity that is extremely exciting to see unfold.

Yesterday…and tomorrow…the time is here and it is happening now. Our team used to say “not if, but when”. Collection, studies, treatment and best available technology activities have been in place for
some time and will continue to grow. Want to do your part? Contact us!

Everywhere and anywhere…contact us; we can help you, or you can help us, to help everyone.

The Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention Program was a huge success. The attendance from all of the employees and volunteers from Altria, Keep Columbus Beautiful, Parsons Avenue Merchants Association and InnovaGreen Systems was greatly appreciated. Below are some pictures and a newscast from the event.

Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention Program cleanup team (Altria, Keep Columbus Beautiful and InnovaGreen)

InnovaGreen Systems Booth

Parsons Avenue Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Cleanup Team (Altria, Keep Columbus Beautiful and InnovaGreen) with Recycled Ash Containers

Ash Containers made from recycled cigarette litter by InnovaGreen Systems

Installed Ash Container

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